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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  December 2, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> with are they? the search son for south jersey mother and her three month old daughter watch police say you can do to help them. >> seven months after the horrible train crash that killed eight people, and injured more than 200 other, what lawyers for the amtrak derailment victims have to say about the impact of a major decision this morning. >> kobe bryant. >> welcome back, kobe. and then we beat you. sixers won a game last night. breaking news. >> oh, man, the historic night, as lower merion's own took a court here in philly for the last time. sixers win. did you hear me? sixers win. >> and there were people there to see it.
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>> and there were people there. so, we were -- we didn't win any games in november, right? >> no. >> philadelphia teams are undefeated, in december. >> because the flyers won. >> flyers won, too. >> what's the date today? >> we're on a roll. >> well, it is only the second. >> but we'll take it. >> we will. >> talking about that, sue. >> hi, everybody. >> we were at the game last night. so, we got to take in the moment, right. and mike and quincy, they got a little excited about the win. >> we stormed the court last night. and there is footage of it. i can't bathe to show you that. >> oh, now that's a real stormy of a court, that's when northern iowa beat north carolina last week. that's real storming of the court. you'll see our version, well, it is like two of us. >> is that conditionsy? >> no, quincy in there. alex and i were out there on the court. >> i was filming. >> that's a great shot. >> you know what, i actually congratulated, i hugged kobe.
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>> wait a minute. did you what? >> is that you with your hands in the air? >> new york i hugged kobe. >> you did not hug kobe bryant. >> oh, i d there is not footage that far? >> we have footage of you going out in handicuffs. >> oh, probably should have been. i will never be allowed in the lockerroom ever again. >> i was with him. how did you get -- when did that happen? >> i shook his hand, i hugged him. i have kobe sweat on me. >> oh, my gosh. >> here we go. >> and to the number of the day, a four out of ten, one number higher than yesterday. not raining as much this morning. >> so much fog, though. but it is very foggy, yes. and bus stop buddy, you can see him little bit behind all of that fog. look for the first time, he is wearing a sixers cap. because we have the victory last night. so there is rain, and fog out there, spotty showers, not as much right now as we had yesterday, but there is plenty more on the way. 52 degrees, calm winds, mild visibility, sunrise at 7:04. places where we have the fog
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right now, mount pocono, allentown, trenton, philly international, half mile visibility, millville. and wilmington are socked in, as well. so, that continues throughout the rest of the morning. we'll have occasional showers throughout the day. and high temperature of 58 degrees. so, big change is coming starting tomorrow. we'll have all of that for you in the seven day forecast. bob kelly, you have got a big problem right now. >> yes, sue, good morning, everybody, 6:03, accident on the schuylkill expressway right now. this is westbound on the schuylkill. just west of the conshy curve between conshohocken, the curve and 476. actually right here, is the curve. soap, this is looks like all traffic now stopped westbound, started out only in what would be the left lane, looks like police are trying to push everything over to the shoulder, but we are stacked and packed here approaching the curve on the westbound side. this is that area that doesn't have the overhead street lamps. so again, the roads are wet, dealing with the thick fog, poor visibility, and we're
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jammed solid west on the schuylkill. there is also a disable on the schuylkill, the ramp from 76 west, to the blue route. so a lot going on, and it is tough to see in front of you. here is a live look at the ben franklin toll plaza, the 42 freeway, coming in toward the city. that light rain, almost the same deal as yesterday, then we have some flooding down here in new castle, airport road at 95. piles lane. and then watch it coming in from south jersey that airport circle, some flooding from yesterday, and an accident, knocked down the traffic signals, so far so good, though, on mass transit. mike and alex being back to you. >> all right, it is 04:00 on this wednesday morning. let's talk about that amtrak train derailment from what, seven months ago. they're going to hold news conference to talk about the impact, and major decision today. >> so dave kinchen live at university city with the details on this decision. dave? >> mike, alex, good morning to you. the attorneys representing many of those victims on amtrak train 188, that derailed several month ago, will be speaking on the campus
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of drexel university at 10:00 a.m. this morning, praise ago decision to lift the cap on damages, paid to the victims of that tragedy, attorneys tom kline decline and robert mongolusi already supported the vote to lift the $200 million cap on total compensation that the victims that far disaster can receive. they say medical bills and other costs drastically exceed the federal cap, which was set in place back in 1997. now one of the attorneys say the cap will only be raised by $95 million. but they call it a starting point, nonetheless. both firms together represent 29 victims, who have had claims filed. one of the victims spoke with fox 29's dave schratwieser about that night, six months ago. >> i woke up about 30, 40 feet from the train on a pile of rocks, my clothes were ripped off. i couldn't see out of my right eye. i couldn't move my legs.
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i laid there, yelling for help. >> the ntsb has already told criminal investigators that there were no problems with the tracks. the lobing most i have or its braking system. philadelphia police investigators are still wait to go speak with the train engineer who is now on unpaid leave from amtrak. amtrak added safety features to that frankford curve where that tragedy happened. not long after it took place. but of course, critics and the attorneys all say that safety system like positive train control should have been installed well before this could have happened, guys. back to you. >> yes, on the other side of the tracks. 6:06. sixers won. >> they got their first win of the season last night. and it was a packed house, too. but it wasn't the home team that had the crowd going. >> no, it was a big night. the region watched lower merion's own kobe bryant, there he is, take the court for the last time. kobe, announced over the
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weekend,'s retiring at the end of this season. they're having a horrible season, the lakers are. his head coach from lower merion high school, paid tribute, to the all-star before the game. and there was also a highlight real of the local legend, even some of kobe's family members were in attendance for the bittersweet philly send-off. >> he had a very long, ill lust tree us career, very proud of the way he approached the game. just really good to see somebody from philadelphia, someone from our family, do something well. >> that's his cousin? >> it is. and, yes, sixers got a win. look at that. yes. >> hey, coach. >> so fought their way back from, look down most of the game, final score 103 to 91. >> yes, we'll show you much more from last night. >> oh, what a night it was. >> oh, what a night. >> again, i will never be allowed back in the
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lockerroom. >> just wait until you see what mike did. oh, my gosh. >> so stupid. okay, cover of the daily news. all about embattled pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. delivers on her promise. she released the graphic messages she says were exchanged by judges and prosecutors. so what is the next move for our attorney general? and what about these picks?
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>> the search is on for south jersey millions and her three month old daughter. net i ramirez and three month old genesis ramirez were last seen, last friday, in the vineland area. >> police fawn ramirez car abandoned on route 55 saturday. family and friends just don't know where they might be. >> we'll keep you updated on that as police look for them. team of washington based attorneys are combing through thousands, and i mean, thousands of emails, from government computers. this upon the request of embattled attorney general of pennsylvania, kathleen kane. >> kane says the team will be led by former maryland attorney general, doug ganseler. he said with subpoena and grand jury powers can he prosecute if they fine evidence that crimes occurred. he also pledged to release most if not all of the emails in question. >> we have no baggage. we have no preconceived
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notions other than we want to do our job. we want to do it well. >> the total cost for ganseler and his team will be around $2 million. money that kane says will come from her office. kathleen kane reportedly discovered the racial pornographic and homophobic emails during review of the jerry sandusky case. she is awaiting charges she leak secret grand jury material to a newspaper and lied about it. >> all right, let's talk about the president. well, president obama focused on climate change. now governor chris christie is calling him out. what the new jersey governor said needs to be the main focus at the white house. this holiday, ford america's best-selling brand is giving you more. the ford holiday sales event... with 0% financing for 60 months on 2015 f-150 and focus and 2016 fusion and escape. plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash on 2015 focus and 2016 fusion and escape. it's the best gift ever. now during the ford holiday sales event get 0% financing
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>> this is in australia. >> oh,. >> yes, mom driving along with her kid in the car. lightning, bamm. right next to them. look at that. what music is she listening to? >> i like the beat. >> ♪ >> that's crazy, though, can you imagine seeing that? >> soup, i can't imagine driving along with that happening. i would have to pull over and collect myself. >> what she did, told her son, get out your phone, start taking some video, because that's what we do now, right? hopeful list it was the passenger taking the video.
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here's what we can expect this morning, not as much drama as you saw there. scattered showers, through the rest of the morning rush. and then, reduced visibility, a lot of fog out there this morning, not only will the rain slow you down, and there is not as much as yesterday, the fog will, mild temperatures, at least in the 50's, so the only thing we have to worry about is rain. unlike chicago, where it is snowing, cold front will eventually make its way here. first, we have to deal with this mess coming in from the southwest. which means, more mild air. but also, some heavier rain, you can see, some heavier downpours looking again, to the southwest of us. but for right now, there is really not whole lot going on with the rain. a lot of it has slowed down or stopped. but here's what we've got with the future cast. and you see, by late morning, some heavier downpours rolling in. maybe 9:00, 10:00, maybe driving in and out of this, especially in the metro area, late morning, through early afternoon, and then another break in the action, and then here is more rain throughout
6:17 am
the evening maybe between 3:00 to 6:00. see some of the rain rolling through for your drive home, lingering clouds after the rain ends. one last gasp with a cold front keen 9:00 and 10:00 will get out of here as well. moisture around here this morning, means for fog quarter mile visible, mount pocono half mile in philadelphia. it is fog any millville, wilmington, up in trenton, as well. so lot of places, pea soup out there. or cream of chicken, or anything, you know, that's thick. 52 degrees in philadelphia right now. calm winds, yes, that helps with the fog lack back before we look ahead, average hail, normal high 49 degrees now, so, we were well above normal yesterday with the high of 56. and it will be even miler today, but back down to the lower 50's, on thursday, will feel a lot chillier, bluster
6:18 am
day tomorrow, then head into the weekends, great weather both saturday, sunday, sunshine temperatures in the 50's, first night of hanukkah is sunday night, and beautiful evening, of course it, gets dark about 4:30, but we will have a great time hopefully with the celebrations. >> yes, jewish friends getting reds toy celebrate hanukkah. talk about creamy soup. cheese steak soup. >> what? >> cheese steak soup. >> where? >> i was at wegmans, i grabbed a can. i haven't made it yet. >> oh, do you have try it. >> cheese steak soup. yum. come on, we need samples. 6:18. westbound, on the schuylkill expressway, sample after accident delay here everything offer to the shoulder at the conshy curve. >> how is your cur in. >> looking lovely. >> bumper to bumper from pretty much approaching the boulevard all the way out down to 10 miles an hour, already,
6:19 am
heading west on the schuylkill. just one of those yucky wednesdays. carbon copy yesterday, wet rain, wet roads, thick fog to go with it, a run on the boulevard, northbound outer drive oxford circle. we had accident here yesterday, than is one of those nasty intersection, right now a lot of police activity northbound at the circumstance em. here is a live look at i-95 for the gang leaving northeast philadelphia, barely see the cars here in front of you as you head into the city, i hope you use the outdoor extension cords to put up your christmas lights over this past weekend. , make sure you snap a picture and send it us to, using that #fox29lights. we look live there at i-95. mike and alex, back over to you. >> you don't have your graphic
6:20 am
red. >> i what happened is i think somebody tripped over the text sean sean cord and the lights went out. >> we'll get that together. 6:20. >> good morning, chris christie slams the president for focusing on the wrong climate. >> struggling mightily to be relevant. in a dangerous wormed, focused on the wrong climate. he wants to change the climate he should change the climb that the this count rip. awful climate between the people in this country and their government who they don't trust. >> they had video published yesterday, christie sado bamm a should focus on tackling problems in the u.s. instead of trying to reach a climate agreement with world leaders. new jersey governor says collide a.m. change is not a crisis. he believes obama should be focusing his attention toward building cloe littles against terrorism to keep americans safe. sarah palin opens but what she is calling her toughest year yet. palin admit took unexpected firing from fox news pretty hard back in june, palin was let go as a political analyst
6:21 am
for the second time. also there is year, her daughter bristol called off a wedding less than a week before the big day. and then announced her second pregnancy. soon after that palin had cancer scare that doctors were able to catch in time despite her troubled 2015, she said she is optimist he can about the future. that's a look at your top stories. >> let's talk about ceo of facebook. mark zuckerberg. >> they made big announce. say they are giving away billions of dollars in facebook stock. >> yes. >> the couple married said they're giving most of their wealth away. after the birth of their new baby girl they call her max, zuckerberg, and his wife, plan on donating, listen to this, 99% of their $45 billion in facebook stock. >> the couple made announcement yesterday in a facebook post. think say the money will be
6:22 am
given out over time, over years. and they're doing it because they want to leave a better world for their babe. >> i need to make sure that there are investments in programs that ensure that the future isn't going to be like today, the future will be better. >> bob kelly says he will be their babysitter. >> mark has donated a hundred million dollars to newark city schools in new jersey back in 2010. this time around, the donation also go to causes including education, and fighting disease. well, good for them. if you have 1% of 45 billion, it is still pretty good, right? >> still pretty good. >> they're keeping that. >> it is wonderful what they're doing. >> fantastic. >> 6ers won a game last night. >> they won a game. we're undefeated in december.
6:23 am
>> but everybody talking about kobe bryant last night. maybe that's why they had such a big crowd. he got a good round of applause. >> and people were there is will for moses malone. >> oh, that was a great tribute to moses. >> lottery numbers.
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>> after losing 28 straight
6:26 am
games, 18 this year, the sixers, last night not about the sixers record tying losing streak ending at 18. oh, no, it was about kobe bryant's last game in philadelphia. to the wells fargo center, kobe bryant, had already hit one, three in the first quarter, after standing ovation when he came out to start the game, hits the second, three, third, three, 13 in the first quarter, 20 for the game. but the sixers came back in the fourth quarter, jeremy grant with a steel. okafor with the basket. sixers wins it, they break the 18 game losing streak to start the season. no, but this is about kobe. so how about all of the standing ovations feel? >> they got me. i wasn't expecting that type of reaction ovation. it was emotional. deeply appreciative. and beyond belief. it was really, really special. >> oh, that's sports in a minute. it was special. and i'm howard eskin. >> sixers win. flyers won, too, last night. hey dave kinchen, what's going snob.
6:27 am
>> well the attorneys representing the victims from the amtrak disaster, several months ago, praising major development. that is after the break. ling brd is giving you more. the ford holiday sales event... with 0% financing for 60 months on 2015 f-150 and focus and 2016 fusion and escape. plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash on 2015 focus and 2016 fusion and escape. it's the best gift ever. now during the ford holiday sales event get 0% financing for 60 months plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash on select vehicles. see your local ford dealer.
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>> a stop to fuel up turns into terror watch group of men did after they surrounded a driver at the gas pump.
6:30 am
should you swipe it, dip it, or tap it? the major confusion shop remembers feeling when it comes to credit cards. >> good day everybody, it is wednesday, december the second, 2015. let's get right to sue serio. with a look at your wetter. >> sue, almost like when i walk in this morning, like a haze. everything seems so foggy. >> a haze, all in my brain. >> yes, bus stop buddy, you see him casino of through the fog there. what is this? he's wearing? a sixers cap. we got a win. getting all wet about but who cares. temperatures in the 40's, 50's, not seeing a lot of rain at the moment, but don't worry, it is coming back. so we'll gave you a four out of six, and it is a drizzly out there and very, very foggy. so you see in our sweeps, of ultimate doppler radar, plenty of rainout to the south and west. it is headed our way. right now not whole lot going on. 52 degrees, is our current temperature, calm winds, 1 mile visibility, at the
6:31 am
airport, and sunrise time at 7:04. only have poor visibility up in the mountains, it has been kind of socked in all morning. and temperatures at least are on the mild side. so 58 degrees, is our high temperature, and we'll have that rain and showers on and off throughout the rest of the day. then the change comes tomorrow. the sun will come back out. it will be a lot chillier. we'll talk all about that coming up next time. bob kelly? >> 6:31, good morning, everybody, wednesday, kind of the same deal as yelled, light rain, roads wet, dealing with some fog and handful every accidents already. live look at the schuylkill expressway. westbound accident right at the conshy curve. we are bumper to bumper from pretty much belmont all around your curve headed in toward 476. it is definitely going to take you little longer this morning, than it did yesterday morning, here is a live look, folks heading into the airport circle, route 38, as you head into the ramp for the admiral whim son boulevard, that's the
6:32 am
slippery ramp. they have one of the lanes block, so we're already back up here, and there is a traffic signal that got taken down, as women, as a result after accident yesterday. hit-and-run crash, on the boulevard right now. this is northbound, outer drive, at oxford circle, which is right there, saint martin par inch, crash down in chaddsford, kenneth pike near the baltimore pike. so, route 29, at, 129 for the gang coming out of trenton, an accident. so everything is wet and slippery. even delays at the airport. because of the rain, the fog, only down to a .10 of a mile visibility right now at philadelphia international airport. mass transit, though, do you have good start, mike and alex being back to you. >> 6:32, attorney for the amtrak train derailment victims will hold press conference, this morning. >> yes, they'll talk about the impact of a decision that's been made. dave has the details, dave? >> reporter: that's right. press conference is scheduled for 10:00 at the campus of drexel university. two major law firms
6:33 am
representing many of the victims of the disaster several months ago, they are praise ago decision in congress to raise the cap on damages paid to the victims. now, attorneys tom kline decline and robert mongalusi already supported decision by congress to lift the $200 million cap on total compensation for the victims that far disaster. they say that the medical bills of their clients and other costs drastically exceeded federal cap put in place by the federal government in 1997. now both firms rep 29 victims who have had claims filed and while they do say that the cap will only be raised by $95 million, they say, it is a start and it is going in the right direction, meantime, investigators in philadelphia with the police department have still yet to speak with the engineer involved in that crash, several month ago, we're going back to may now, and the federal investigators have said that the locomotive involved did not have any
6:34 am
problems, the tracks did not have any problems. the investigation locally continues, and again, the attorneys will be speak being this at 10:00 a.m., at drexel university. guys? >> we'll be there. 6:34. >> new this morning, nasty accident overnight in philadelphia's east falls neighborhood. >> yes, look at this, police called out to an overturned suv near gypsy lane. and lincoln drive. not clear why this suv flipped. but we do know that everybody inside that vehicle got out okay. >> and two people are dead, and nearly dozen student hurt, after driver collides with a packed school bus. this is in southampton, new jersey. >> this happened yesterday, and they just opened the road this morning. >> hey, steve? >> reporter: well, just like that school bus leaving lenape high right now, the girls varsity swim team pulled out of the lenape high school parking lot here, headed, they hope, for strong opening season meet against the rival high school seneca, and soon, though, swimming for these
6:35 am
young ladies seen very less unimportant. eight of the 20 members of this high school girls swim team got taken to the hospital to be checked out, one of the four adult on also all nine just had minor injuries, state police told us, after their yellow school bus was hit head on in the bus' lane when this vokes weighing on passat crossed over the double yellow line that's no passing zone, that road was just like it is now, wet from the drizzle, dark, it was 4:57 p.m. when the state police got the call, right after sunset. male passenger, male driver, both killed in the passat when they hit that bus, as this swim team was headed to the rowan college at the burlington community college. >> preliminary investigation, we have a witness statement with the possibility of speed, and improper passing being the cause on the volkswagon. what appears to have happened
6:36 am
is the volkswagon passat crossed into the path of the bus. and we had a head-on collision, with the bus and the car. they were previously owned by a witness passing other vehicles on the double line. we don't know what happened at that time. but preliminarilly that's what we are going with right now, not confirmed. >> welshing rowan has merged with burlington community collegement and they have nice new swim olympic size pool there. and that's why the high schools were going to have their sweep meet there. still no i.d.'s yet from the state police put out publicly of the two young males killed. don't be surprised if you learn their high school age as well. now, one interesting thing, al ills, mike, three other high schools, including the one they were going to meet in the swim meet yesterday, seneca, cherokee, shawnee, all urging their students to wear red today, and red is the lenape school colors, just to show sole deer support for the
6:37 am
girls swim teal. from rivals to friend, praying and thinking of each other on such a terrible day. >> good for them. 6:37. >> to lauren and more top store stories. >> good morning. search is on for south jersey mom, and her three month old baby last seen friday in the vineland area. police found ramirez's car abandoned northbound route 55 saturday. family and friend don't know where they might be if you have seen them or have any information you are asked to call police. >> man trying to pump gas at west kensington station gets assaulted and carjack by group every men happened saturday fifth and lehigh, men surrounded the driver at the pump, punching and hitting him repeatedly. when the group tried to take over the car the group tried tonight screen. that did not stop them. they pulled off dragging him to the parking lot, now police want to know if the victim was a target. >> at this point just not sure, based off the interview it, appears to be random, but just not surey? don't think the car was worth getting dragged down the block though. he should have just gave it
6:38 am
up. that will was that. >> the victim only suffered minor injuries, detective say the carjacker stole radio out of victim's car before they ditched it three blocks away, police did recover evidence from inside the car, they say, will help with their investigation. >> this was scene outside of our fox 29 studios right around 2:00 yesterday afternoon, a dodge caravan fully engulfed in the middle of the always busy intersection at fourth and market streets, the driver, not hurt, traffic was tied up for about 45 minutes, while firefighters put out the blaze, crews cleaned up the mess left behind. >> abu-jamal, has been treated for hepatitis c, other health problems, his lawyers says he was denied proper care because every medical dispute. jamal spent 30 years on death row for the murder of philadelphia police officer daniel faulkner. his sentence was later overturned. he's now serving live in prison in schuylkill county. jamal will appear in court december 18th in scranton. that's a look at your top
6:39 am
stories, mike and alex being back to you. >> philadelphia police department teams up with verizon to help victims of domestic violence. >> the fraternal order of police and the police department have once again joined with women against abuse. and verizon to provide cell phones for victims. at a press conference later this morning, they will announce donations, collected to be -- donations collected to be given to the victim. will allow them to make free calls to 911 as needed. >> you know that some people are so annoyed by the new chip enabled credit cards, you know, you have that new credit card with the little chip on the front of it, they don't know how to use it apparently. >> and they've been trying to avoid using them. the payment industry research firm found that 13% of young consumers are avoiding stores that dip the chip. now, dip readers are reportedly confusing shoppers. the machines, you dip it in, which is slowing down lines during the holiday shopping season. stores that are still using swipe technology, reporting
6:40 am
shorter wait times because shop remembers more familiar with it. and new tap technology also available this season through apple pay, but it is not accepted at every retailer. >> no, but retail that's dot tap, that's fast, man. >> but see, i kind of understanded what they are saying when you dip the chip. you put it, in i tried it for the first time the other day, do you have let it sit. i kept trying to pull it out. they're no, give it a sent just a big difference between a quick swipe and push it in, sit there, wait for them to do stuff, wait, wait, wait. then you pull it out, like it is a long, long time. >> it is a struggle. it is a struggle. >> but i guess maybe we need to slow things down. nothing can happen fast. >> calm down. fangs aren't the only ones sad ends by the news of kobe bryant's retirement free basketball watch fellow player labron james says he truly regrets after hearing the news of kobe's retirement.
6:41 am
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[sfx: bell] but the more you learn about insurancyour coverage,bout it. the more gaps you may find. [burke] like how you thought you were covered for this... [man] it's a profound statement. [burke] but you're not even covered for this... [man] it's a profound statement.
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she had another birthday. oh, it's today. she is 34. man, she's been around a long time. >> she has. well, she got in the game kind of early. >> true. >> she is still young. >> baby hit me one more time was when she was in her teens. she 34 today. how about that? >> hey, labron james is weighing in on the kobe bryant retirement. he says he's truly sad and regrets the fact that the pair never faced off in the nba finals. labron? >> i didn't holdup my end of the barring nan 200 # for the fans, for us, to meet in the finals. i know the world wanted to seep, i wanted it, he wanted it, he held up his end. i did not holdup my end. i hate that that didn't happen. but it was casino of emotional for me, man, to see it coming to an end for him. he is someone i always look up to. someone i truly, you know,
6:45 am
have gained great respect for, not only as a competitor but as a friend. >> well, they are certainly not going to meet in the finals this year. the lakers have only 12 games all year. there he was in philly last night. yes, everybody was watching him take the court. got a good standing, well, a lot of people stood and applauded but got a good reception, look at doctor jay there. >> chanting his name. >> kobe, kobe, kobe. >> yes, and even had highlight real for kobe. >> it was a nice night. >> it was, it was an eventful night. >> the most important thing last night was a tribute to moses malone. >> that's right. >> really nice tribute. >> and i posted this, fans, came by certain time, that was nice. see people pay tribute to him. >> and sixers? >> and eventually they'll retire his number. >> yes, so we look forward to that, as well. now, shear look at what rain fell yesterday, or in other terms, how much rain fell
6:46 am
yesterday. an inch in wilmington. about three quarters of an inch in philadelphia. half inch up in the mountains, probably add another half inch, a little less, before the day is through. just depends on where you are, good thing you're not in chicago right now, because that's where it is snowing. we're getting rain, nothing but rain. temperatures are real mild for early december. and you can see, this swat of rain headed our way. it means, some heavier downs pour -- downpours are in the weather future, but not right now. in fact, we're seen not too much rain, it is casino of slowed down, a break in the action, if you will. but as we look ahead, we see the rain casino of getting heavier, by the end of the morning, and into the lunchtime early afternoon era. then, we ' seeing it slow down again, then it picks up again, toward about 3:00, 4:00. so it could be a messy right home. so we have warmfront coming you there right now, cold front after that. cold front clears the coast after midnight tonight. so, even at the jersey shore
6:47 am
you can still see some rain that late. but our immediate problem is fog. it is quarter mile visibility in mount pocono, allentown, half mile at philadelphia international airport, and it is foggy in millville, in wilmington, in atlantic city and wildwood. so many, that's going to slow you down this morning. one thing that you won't have to worry about is bundle up too much. it is already 52 degrees in philadelphia. not going to get too much warmer, 58 by the end. day, then we cool back, back to seasonable temperatures really by the weekend plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the low to mid 50's, each day. first night of hand, a the weather should be perfect for your celebration. bob kelly? >> that's great. 6:47. good morning, everybody, not perfect weather, not perfect right here this morning. accidents all around the board. this is a new one, blue route, southbound, 476, right before the 95 ramp, a one car crash. this guy went into the concrete wall here. so if you are headed south, on the blue route, 476, watch for
6:48 am
delays as you approach the ramps for i-95 there in delaware county. the other problem, westbound schuylkill, jammo from pretty much belmont all the way out to conshy, accident now off to the shoulder. but all of the roads are wet, we got that fine drizzle, dealing with the fog. here's a live look at the jam on route 38. where 38 and 70 come together, and that ramp to the admiral wilson boulevard, one of the two lanes are blocked, and i think the main reason for that is to keep the speed down, because they had to shut it down yesterday morning, they call it the fly over ramp there, becomes so slippery, then we had flooding, an accident that took down the traffic lights, so anyone headed for the ben franklin via admiral wilson boulevard, give yourself some extra time, crash in chaddsford, kenneth pike, baltimore pike, delays at the airport because of the rain, and the fog. come on, plug in that extension cord, and let's light it up. the kelly christmas coming your way. looking for your christmas light pictures.
6:49 am
all you have to do, snap a picture of the front of your house then post it to your facebook, twitter, or instagram account. just use that #fox29lights. dow a search and boom we can pull up your pictures like this one here sent to us by amanda, that's the front lawn, they got the blow up santa claus, the icicles if the backgrounds, collecting toys for everybody, toy drive for the chester county hospital, so hello to a.m. dan and the rest of the gang there in west chester. put the picture up on your page. this week, tomorrow night, i am hitting the road. i have the decorated news van. i could be coming to your house to go live. ,. >> when will you make your decision? >> we'll make the decision probably later today. >> do you want to come? >> i want to go. i have toking cover night. now, i was up very late lags night. >> how late, mike? >> ya. anyway, weaver another party
6:50 am
tonight. down in chester. >> are you going to do it? >> i'm going to make this empire finale party you. >> can't miss it, it will be great. soap, fox 29 and i heart media coming together in chester tonight from 7:00 to 11:00. everyone will be there. you have to be 21 and over, though, to come n do you have rsvp. and you only have until 10:00 a.m., okay, we're going to cut it off. last time we had huge crowd. we have to cut it o you only have some hours now. make sure to rsvp or you won't get n it will be fun. people will be dressed up as cookie, some of the lions, we'll watch together. it will be great. then of course we have our recap on tomorrow. >> were you hanging in the lockerroom, you guys were all over. >> again, i will never be allowed back in that lockerroom. >> i can't wait. >> oh, people are railing on me. >> why? >> sports reporters. >> oh,. >> i'm not normally in the
6:51 am
lockerroom and i'll never be back. >> they don't like you on their turf. >> no, they don't. >> they say stay in your lane. >> a bunch of do you have dufus. >> anti-violence campaign ... but they're not happy. >> so these photos, you can see them here, feature kim and kendel with all of these cuts and bruises with caption no woman is immune from domestic abuse, sources close while the images and message is powerful, either kim nor kendall gave permission to the art toys do this to their faces. "tmz" says attorneys for kim and kendall trying to contact the person responsible to issue a warning to them. you can't just take our photos and do whatever you want with it. >> we certainly know that here at fox. there may be another host shake up on the view. why don't they just cancel the view? get it over with? >> oh, don't say that. >> seriously. >> so daily mail learned abc revamp the cast next month after there will be little holiday break. show insiders say michelle
6:52 am
collins, and raven same own, they're out. the network reportedly look to go replace them with good morning america's sarah haines and cnn's sonny. >> she is an attorney, she is pretty good. >> there all the time. so sherrie shepherd will remain on the show to fill in during the transition. >> oh, well, there is a good anchor person. >> oh, mike. >> see, i was wondering, you know, raven for the time that she's been on had so many moments that have caused like a lot of controversy h to apologize couple of time. some people are wondering why she is still on the show, i figure they are doing it for ratings. may not like what she is saying but people are watching and talking about it, i get they're letting her go. >> she's so rave glenn so raven. yes. >> it is the future that i can see. >> so mysterious to me. >> so good. it is the price that some are not calling very funny. why one mother says this fake presidency -- pregnancy test is concerning. it is not funny.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
>> 55:00. would up this set you? australian surf shop removed a novelty item in a store concerning a mother's facebook page. >> it is a fake pregnancy test. always returns a positive result. woman said she was so upset over it, experienced how difficult it can be to conceive and maintain a pregnancy, she felt like insensitive to have it. it had a lot of chatter on
6:56 am
line both sporting the woman and others upset the prank was taken offer the shelves. the company said it was never their intention to offend anyone. >> it says it is a prank. >> but i guess she is like it is not a good joke. i mean, some people really are trying to get pregnant. they can't get pregnant. >> i know. >> isn't that casino after cruel joke to play on someone. >> on a man, you snow. >> it is a surf shop. these people -- >> gag gift. >> spencer's, i like spencer's. >> they have all casino of quirky gifts, yes. bob kelly shops there all the time. >> it is steve keeley. >> reporter: like the student starting to arrive here at lenape high school, for a terrible morning, after that awful head-on crash involving the varsity girls swim team, we will tell you the latest when we see you next.
6:57 am
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>> search is on for a south jersey mother and her three month old caughter. >> crash, what lawyers for the amtrak derailment victims have to say about the impact, of a major decision this morning. >> kobe bryant! >> hey, did you hear this?
7:00 am
the sixers won a game. yes, kobe was there. the sixers win it last night. and how about mark zuckerberg? >> well, he plans to give away almost all of his fortune, the tiny gift facebook ceo caused him to be so generous. >> hey, everybody. okay, so, have you ever seen video of people when somebody wins a basketball game, they storm the court, right? like this is northern iowa, probably the biggest win over north carolina last week. >> all the fans coming down out of the stance. >> such epic moment. >> jumping around. >> look at all of the fans. >> that's classic storming of the court. >> okay. >> well, last night, quincy harris, me, and alex did the most lame storming of the court in the history of basketball. we will show you the rest of this. by the way, i just want to go say hey congratulations on wonderful


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